Design and implement operational blueprints for the types of innovation facilities you are interested in – from organizational structure, to processes, to culture, and agile development.


Set up and evaluate innovation best practices to design the most efficient unit, graded exactly to your needs.


Pursue the ideal local solution, seamlessly coupled with your home organization.

We help institutionalizing innovation by choosing the right organizational format for your business!

Establishing a Innovation Outpost has been en vogue for a couple of years now: Multinational corporations from across the world have invested time and resources to set up shops in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City. Corporates have adopted a variety of organizational formats to institutionalize innovation, ranging from classic Research & Development to Corporate Venture Capital, dedicated partnering units and digitization labs.

However, many companies are struggling to pick the “right” type of innovation activities and deliver tangible results. In some cases, innovation outposts even fail to deliver on their promises at all and turn into innovation theatre, having little to no impact.
Here is where the Detecon Innovation Institute can serve you as an Innovation Architect. Throughout the last decade, we have developed a holistic framework on how to support companies to thrive in innovation. We design and implement individual blueprints for various types of innovation facilities – from organizational structure to processes to culture and agile operations.

How we do it

Create your own presence in an innovation hub; based upon a custom-tailored organizational blueprint!

A recent Detecon study showed that the motivation for setting up a local presence can be of multifold nature:

  • Scout for new technologies that can be applied within an existing organization
  • Collaborate with startups and academic institutions.
  • Test new innovative products & services in a market largely made up of early adopters
  • Capture new business segments, test new and “crazy” products
  • Access top talent and “a special breed of people”

Knowing the motivation is one thing, but translating this into the right organizational shape is a another.

Before even setting up any form of innovation activity we address essential questions:

  • What is right for me and aligned with the corporate vision; incubation, innovation, acceleration or R&D?
  • How do I make sure the outpost does not turn into a far-away, isolated, power-point creating silo / tower?
  • How do I start from scratch (greenfield) or refine an existing innovation outpost (brownfield)?
  • How do I embed it into / next to the existing organization?
  • How do I measure the success of my innovation activities?
  • How do I build my own innovation team?
  • How do I effectively spark the right mindset and culture?
  • What are the right tools and frameworks?


Our offerings to design a highly customized blueprint helps you to ensure innovation thrives within your organization!
We support you across all building blocks of an innovation lab, let is be organizational, ideational, cultural, strategic, or executional.
The lifecycle process of an Innovation Lab, no matter if in the Valley or somewhere else, will be considered in-depth along every single step towards its inauguration.

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