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At Detecon, we can help you and your organization get started with OKRs:

  • Coaching on OKR methodology
  • Effective communication for an OKR rollout within your whole organization
  • OKR setting, debrief and reset workshops
  • Continuous support, coaching and mentoring



Setting Objectives and Key Results for your Business

To succeed in executing strategy in today’s fast-paced digital age, you need to have

  • the correct mindset,
  • the correct methodologies, and
  • the correct tools

in order to develop, communicate, and implement your strategy and deliver the right results quickly.

OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) are a goal-setting methodology developed by Intel and popularized by Google. It focuses the organization on greatness to achieve its overall strategy, and has gained significant traction with the release of John Doerr’s book Measure What Matters.

The Detecon OKR toolkit

Let Detecon help you close the Strategy-Execution Gap. We offer a range of services to support your transition into the OKR world!

Our Detecon toolkit for your success includes:

  • Your company-wide OKR rollout
  • Digital OKR tracking
  • Our thorough OKR expertise

Our Detecon OKR Consulting expertise includes our dedicated Detecon OKR coaches who will introduce you to the OKR topic and work with you through the methodology. From the lessons we learned, we will proactively assist you with helpful best practices to support your organization build and adopt a sustainable results habit.

OKRs tackle a common organizational problem

CEOs spend too much time setting their strategic direction, only to communicate it ineffectively. This happens when a company’s strategy is set by the top management team, then documented and communicated through PowerPoint, emails and town hall meetings, only to get lost along the way. According to Harvard Business Review, a marginal number the organization’s employees actually understand the company’s strategy. Why?

  • It is usually a one-sided communication.
  • It is not tangible for all employees.

This often leads to reduced strategic agility, demotivated employees and a “set and forget” mentality to an organization’s strategy. OKRs break down silos with radical clarity and get the whole company on board. And we from Detecon know how to get you there.

Detecon’s managed services support helps your business

OKRs help to iterate, align and accelerate strategic outcomes more effectively through the implementation of a structured, quarterly process to accurately define organizational goals. They enable your business to take advantage of new market opportunities, operate with higher velocity, and leverage the full potential of people and business capital.

Creating organizational-wide clarity and consensus on the results of your business with Detecon’s support will uplift your organization in several ways:

  • Ensuring all team members are aligned with the business strategy through our communication plan and workshops
  • Managing OKRs digitally to create transparency and support everyone in the company to feel a higher degree of strategic alignment
  • Automating and replacing management reporting with continuous transparency and progress calculation so leaders can focus on what really matters to their business
  • Driving clarity and consensus at the end of each quarter on the achievements of each team and the learnings to be addressed in the next quarter
  • Enabling you to execute on your company goals faster

How we accompany our clients throughout the entire OKR journey

Traditional planning sets 1-year goals, trickles the info down to the lower tiers, and hopes for the best. Detecon has a better way. And this is how we do it:

Our successful strategy execution recipe to introduce OKRs into your organization utilizes a top-down approach to setting strategic direction, before creating alignment and helping you to manage ideas from bottom-up.

At Detecon, we help you by starting to capture success through the use of Objectives (single sentence qualitative and aspirational statements) with associated Key Results (the important quantitative metrics) that measure progress towards those objectives.

Detecon initiates the process at the top of the organization with the Executive Team. Moving on, Detecon empowers each team to define their own OKRs that align with the teams above them. This process recursively continues across the entire organizational structure.

The process follows a 90-day (quarterly) cycle with review and reset sessions. This enables the company to measure continuous progress towards its objectives over 90-day cycles.

Detecon helps you to digitally track OKRs as a trusted partner with WorkBoard. Instead of waiting for the end of the year to see what worked and what didn’t, this enables everyone in the organization to have easy and first hand access to feedback and the map to the final destination.

Digital OKR tracking as a key to your OKR success

Detecon has partnered with WorkBoard, the leading Objectives & Key Results (OKR) software platform, to help your organization realize its full potential. WorkBoard enables you to

  • Track OKRs digitally and collaboratively
  • Enable transparency and visibility throughout your organization

Detecon’s intensive WorkBoard training provides you with thorough knowledge on how to best leverage the platform to support your adoption of OKRs. This includes a ‘how to’ on managing your company’s OKRs, supporting teams to organize their work and taking advantage of WorkBoards collaborative project management capabilities.

At Detecon, we believe that a digital platform is crucial when implementing an OKR business strategy, enabling effortless, real-time and up-to-date communication. The digital tool activates your strategy to be:

  • Digital in nature: Focused on digital opportunities and implemented using the latest technology to enable people to update, track and share their progress with their peers.
  • Data-driven: Data should substantiate every decision. When the achievement of goals is at risk, the organization should be able to identify and quickly remove roadblocks.
  • Agile: The strategy of an organization can rapidly change and so should your implementation. Setting “strategy sprints” for your organization are critical to driving your strategy forward.


Listen and Learn from Detecon’s OKR Experts

Detecon’s motivated and certified OKR coaches help your organization to realize its full OKR potential. Our Detecon OKR coaches can introduce you to the OKR methodology, and support your organization in building a sustainable results habit. Using lessons learned from running 1000+ OKR workshops, we will proactively assist you with OKR best practices to make your organization adopt a sustainable, results focused OKR habit.

Detecon offers OKR certifications to get your employees on track! We provide 1-day trainings on- or offsite – whatever suits your business needs! Furthermore, with Detecon’s substantiated train the trainer approach, we can help your employees become OKR coaches for your organization by learning on the fly.

Let’s talk!

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