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Understand the market-specific barriers that currently prevent billions of people from having affordable broadband Internet access.


Discover innovative connectivity solutions & business models that enable you to connect and shape billions of new Internet users.


Tackle local challenges with a set of tested strategic approaches, including partnerships with relevant local and global players.

Connectivity barriers are top agenda items for telcos, governments, and Internet companies alike

There is no doubt challenges exist with getting the rest of the planet, about half of the world’s population, connected to the Internet. Residents in low-income rural areas are particularly impacted and their societal and economic prospects curtailed.

Reasons can be manifold and often revolve around issues such as lack of sufficient spectrum, un-/under-developed infrastructure, regulation, taxation, financing bottlenecks, handset costs, and network operator cost structures. Furthermore, many developing countries experience demand-side issues such as low level of literacy, digital skills, and cultural acceptance.

In recent years, Internet companies, namely Facebook and Google, have developed an increasing appetite for closing the connectivity gap, as this will soon constrain their global user growth. At the same time, this challenge provides a tremendous opportunity for shaping the connected future for billions of unconnected people whose online revenue potential is up for grabs.

A new frontier of solutions

Thanks to the involvement of Internet companies such as Facebook and Google, we have seen an increased level of activity around technology and business model innovations with promising prospects. New solutions include more cost-efficient access and open source platforms, co-invested infrastructure models, unmanned aerial vehicle networks, and large-scale Wi-Fi networks.

Detecon supports clients with harnessing innovations from these new frontiers. We help understanding the challenges that persist in markets of interest, assessing and quantifying specific opportunities, and deriving strategic options for our clients in these markets. Having worked closely with players along the connectivity value chain across regions, we bring local and global players together when collaboration opportunities exist.


Our clients benefit from Detecon’s 40+ years of experience of advising telecommunications network operators, regulatory agencies, and governmental institutions on connectivity challenges. This includes utilizing our regional offices for their in-depth market knowledge acquired by delivering connectivity projects in focus regions such as sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.

Being located in close proximity to Silicon Valley, we have unique access to the latest developments around connectivity innovations, both from a technological as well as a business model perspective. Our clients trust us with developing their next billion user strategies.

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