#1 | Will merging it’s 3 messengers make Facebook a WeChat 2.0?

Facebook did not seize to disappoint us with news within the last days. First of all, starting off with an announcement form Mark Zuckerberg in WSJ pleading how they are actually good people. – Followed by the shocking news that they want to unify Instagram, WhatsApp and FB Messenger on the backend. This integration will make them create a massive platform like WeChat is in China. WeChat is a dominant platform that has grown beyond messaging to influence many aspects of consumers’ lives. The bold integration is planned to be completed by the end of 2020.

Read more here: https://on.wsj.com/2MHLXNy & http://bit.ly/2Utl2Ys

#2 | Dropbox extends their product line with buying HelloSign

HelloSign was only founded 7 years ago raising $16M – not it is being bought by Dropbox for massive $230M. This deal will extend the basic storage solution with strong workflow and e-signature capabilities!
HelloSign is known for their solutions in real estate, insurance and internal employee workflows. The deal is supposed to close within the coming weeks and HelloSign will remain an independent entity within Dropbox.Read more here: https://tcrn.ch/2CXMI0s & http://bit.ly/2TqCpZR
#3 | Embarrassing bug in Apple’s FaceTime

The dystopian visions of some TV series got real when we heard about Apple’s FaceTime eavesdropping bug! What happened? It allowed FaceTime callers to listen in before the recipient accepted to being part of the group call by enabling the recipient’s microphone! Apple’s FaceTime is “temporarily unavailable” as the epic bug is being fixed.

Read more here: https://tcrn.ch/2Wvxcln

#4 | Aiming at becoming an entrepreneur with existing ambitions? Start an ad-based business!

Hopes are high for any startup founder – usually having the goal to grow a successful business and then exiting with a very good deal at some point (Flagship example: how HelloSign managed to do!) or going for an IPO. Therefore, it is interesting to see what the odds are depending on the business you are in. Crunchbase looked into the statistics of exits according to industry, analyzing data of the recent years:
• Ad-based businesses: 4 funding rounds before their IPO, median of seven years to exit
• E-commerce: 5 years to exit on median
• Social media companies: take about 6 years to exit – they usually don’t exit until after their Series F funding round
• Marketplaces: approx. 5 rounds before going public and take about 7 years
• Subscription service companies: 7 years to exit on median
• Software companies: are staying private longer, median on the group is 9 years

Read more here: http://bit.ly/2BcJ5nq

#5 | Vogue to launch business-focused fashion magazine

Conde Nast International publishing house will extend their product line in order to find new niches business. It will be a business-focused fashion magazine. It will be in a digital-only format. According to the publishing house new magazine will cover the latest trends in the market, cultural movements impacting fashion, as well as – for sure – trends and technologies that are impacting the fashion industry.

Read more here: https://bbc.in/2CVGM8g & http://bit.ly/2DMYDju