#1 | Nike just did it: presenting the self-lacing shoe!

The futuristic wonder shoe is called the “Adapt BB” – an auto-lacing basketball show that you can control with an app. As soon as you put on the show, the laces are tied through a smart motor that adjusts the laces to a perfect fit around your foot. The motor detects the tension and ensures a perfect fit – if not, you can in- or decrease the tension as well with two physical buttons. Or if you don’t want to bow down: you can simply use the companion app to adjust the lacing. The app also allows you to change the colors of the incorporated LEDs as well as check your shoe’s battery status. Nike announced it will be incorporating more functionalities for the show on the app in the future.
Everything you never knew you needed…

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#2 | “Netflix and chill” got a chunky price increase

More people than ever before have signed up for Netflix in 2018. And by providing captivating and unique content, Netflix ties their subscribers to their platform. Also, the uptime of their platform is very good, providing a consumer-friendly experience of watching content online. With these USPs, Netflix takes the stakes of increasing their price. With $2 per month, it is the highest-ever in the company’s history.
They don’t do it because they are greedy but rather because Netflix has a major problem: committing themselves to producing their own binge content, they are in debt and have to deal with major negative cash flow.
So we may recommend to keep your subscription and help them in paying their debts off.

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#3 | Ford concedes that it cannot rival conventional ride hailing

Ford acquired Chariot less than three years ago. The commuter shuttle services along fixed routes was added to the company’s Smart Mobility division. But in two weeks, by February 2019, Ford is about to shut Chariot it down! This happens due to being not profitable enough. There were too many losses in operating Chariot’s services caused by too low demand as well as not enough margins. The fare prices of $3.80 could not recoup the cash!

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#4 | The next bigger thing after 5G is… 6G, made in China?

5G commercial networks are not even yet working, nevertheless ambitious Chinese engineers have already started to work on 6G technology. Looking at the emphasis which China puts on wireless communications technology, the country is anticipated to test 6G as early as 2020. Chinese engineers from Nanjing anticipate that 6G will be the wireless standard within their country by 2030.
6G will enable better connectivity by providing coverage in higher altitudes, ultra-fast transmission, better fluidity and a improved bandwidth.

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#5 | Facebook strategically gives $300m in old-fashioned journalism

Somehow, FB recently felt the responsibility to help local news companies to sustain. Therefore, FB plans to invest millions of dollars in several physical newspaper organizations. According to FB, they want to support the local operations as well as build partnerships and subscription models. By doing this, they are following what many tech companies have been doing in recent years.

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