#1 | Mobile Shopping represented major part in Black Friday 2018

This year’s Black Friday shopping was the second largest online sales day, only behind last year’s Cyber Monday. Black Friday was also the major mobile shopping day in U.S. history with more than $2 billion in sales happening on smartphones – for the first time ever. To be precise: of all e-commerce sales on Black Friday, 33.5% derived from mobile devices. This is an up from 29.1% compared to last year.
All in all, this year’s Black Friday online sales accounted to $6.22 billion which marked a 23.6% increase compared to 2017.
We hope you were able to fulfill all your shopping needs!

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#2 | Most valuable US company is now Microsoft

At $753.3 billion in market capitalization, Microsoft is now the the most valuable US company with. This means, it surpassed Apple for the first time. Only once in 2010, it came close to Apple.
Apple became the very first $1-trillion US company in August, but came down to $746.8 billion on Friday. The reason for this are the lower-than-expected iPhone sales due to reports of its suppliers cutting cost and workforce.
At third ranks Amazon with $736.6 billion and the fourth spot is currently owned by Alphabet with $725.5 billion.

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#3 | Amazon hits at the health care industry using machine learning

The company has launched a new service called Amazon Comprehend Medical. It will extract key data from patient records using machine learning. According to Amazon, this will help to make efficient treatment decisions and manage clinical trials. Therefore, the target group of healthcare providers and researchers can save money.
The cloud software service combines different technologies: text analysis and machine learning are used to read patient records. These records often consist of prescriptions, reports, and audio interviews. Once those records are digitized and uploaded to the cloud, the software picks and organizes information about symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, and medication dosage.

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#4 | Google’s MVNO renamed to “Google Fi”

Forget “Project Fi”, Google renamed its MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) service from to Google Fi. In addition to this, it added a novel bring-your-own-device option which will enable the service to work on most smartphones. Further features from include free international roaming, access to two million secure Wi-Fi hotspots as well as data protection through a designated Google VPN. In order to promote the new service, Google provides a $200 service credit to users who sign up within a short period of time.

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#5 | Turbineless electric plane has made its first flight

During the flight, the experimental aircraft used electricity directly instead of spinning turbine blades to propel itself. That means, in order to be able to fly, the turbineless design uses electroaerodynamic propulsion.
MIT researchers have created and flown the plane which doesn’t require any moving parts. The object weights 2.45 kilogram (equals 5.4 pound). The flight of the object entailed 60 meters (200 feet).
Scaling up the technology, it could be the advent of quieter, lower-emission as well as safer aircrafts!! Lets get ready to rumble!

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