#1 | Netflix tests lower-priced mobile-only in Malaysia

Netflix addresses the need of the Asian markets as it will be testing a cut-price mobile-only subscription model. With this, Netflix tries to widen its appeal in emerging markets. Currently, it can be tested in Malaysia where the mobile-only subscription cuts the price of Netflix by half.
It remains to be seen if the company will roll out to other parts of the world as well.

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#2 | Walmart to Test with AI technology for Store Applications

Walmart Labs has several outposts around the US; from Silicon Valley to Washington, D.C.! The supermarket giant has hired new talent to these locations throughout the past year. The overall aim: strengthened its pursuit of innovation. Now, the retail giant wants to use AI technology to explore both store associate-facing and customer-facing applications. Therefore, an Intelligence Retail Lab for developing artificial intelligence technology and applications has been created inside of a Walmart store located in Levittown, New York. This includes the ability to track and replenish on low supplies, detect numbers of available carts at the store entrance and other capabilities.
So if you live around there make sure to check out what AI technology has in store for you as of yet!

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#3 | Sweetgreen’s futuristic Stakes: Blockchain and App Personalization

Sweetgreen offers fast-casual salad with fresh-sourced, healthy ingredients. Founded in 2007, the chain offers fresh meals within 8 states throughout 90 locations. In order to enhance the customer experience and keep their cool image, they now plan to use blockchain to ascertain their supply chain for their ultimate farm-to-salad experience. And as almost 50% of customer orders are processed through Sweetgreen’s app, the company is also working on a project to personalizing their app to its specific user.

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#4 | Sephora partnered with Google on “Dream Vanity” experience

Google Home Hub now features beauty retailer Sephora’s entire catalog of how-to beauty videos. It comes handy that these can be watched hands-free because the viewers can make use of the voice-enabled makeup tutorials and then indulge them on the search giant’s smart display. Beauty queens and kings can use verbal commands like “Hey Google, show me contouring videos from Sephora” to watch content. The smart display also responds to requests such as to pause, fast-forward or rewind. This allows for easier use at a vanity table or in the bathroom. Sephora is demonstrating the smart display in 10 flagship stores. Shoppers can also buy a Google Home Hub device at Sephora’s online store or at selected US stores.

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#5 | Waymo to start driverless cab service in Dec 2018

Starting December 2018, Waymo will finally implement self-driving rides to the public on the open road with regular civilians in the passenger seat. The service will start in Phoenix, AZ. This happens after Google’s self-driving car subsidiary tested for about 9 years and drove more than 10M miles. As the first player in the market, the autonomous ride-hailing company will be worth more than $80B before it even launches!

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