#1 | CryptoKitty company Dapper Labs raises more cash

Dapper Labs, the maker of CryptoKitties, raised another $15m due to the fact that people simply love them! Now, they want to expand globally because according to the Canadian company, the goal of CryptoKitties is to showcase the use and benefits of blockchain for everyone.
And this is not just for fun, there is also some serious cash involved: $60 is the average price for a CryptoKitten, and some single cuties have been sold for $140k!

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#2 | Samsung reveals stunning foldable smartphone

After teasing about it for a while, Samsung reveals its foldable phone technology in a concept device. It is called the Infinity Flex Display. The phone includes a cover display that acts as a phone, and a main 7.3-inch tablet display. Calling it multi active window, up to three apps will be able to run simultaneously.
It is not for sure yet when the public can buy this futuristic gem as Samsung has to figure out how they can mass produce the Infinity Flex Display.

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#3 | Not 1 but 2: Amazon builds HQs in NY and Washington DC

After a year of active search, Amazon ended its search for a new HQ this week. There is not one winner, there are two: Amazon disclosed it will open two separate offices. A New York office in Long Island City and a Washington DC office in Crystal City. That means that after months of vivid and ferocious PR, the end of the story is that tech talent is becoming even more concentrated in the country’s biggest cities.

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#4 | Proposition C to help solve urban problems in SF

This week, a majority voted yes on the Proposition C. This means it will raise the city’s gross receipts tax for the big companies by an average of .5 percent. The new funds will bring in an estimated $300 million a year. That is twice what San Francisco currently spends annually to help the homeless.
The background: For decades, technology entrepreneurs have established their HQs in the Bay Area. But at the same time, the cities have become harder and harder to live in. Housing prices and homelessness are rising, roads are clogged, transit is over capacity. In today’s economy, tech companies have more money than anyone else and cities are asking those who benefit the most to pay more money to help solve urban and suburban problems.

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#5 | Pizza Hut and Toyota’s pizza-baking delivery robot

Just in time as the food delivery wars intensify among companies: This week, Toyota displayed their partnering project with Pizza Hut at its annual specialty trade show. The companies creates a pizza baking delivery robot truck. It is called Tundra PIE Pro. Both the truck and the robots run on a hydrogen fuel-cell electric power unit. The robo truck can cook a pizza in seven minutes while traveling to a customers’ home.

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