#1 | IBM bought Red Hat to improve their cloud computing capabilities

IBM bought Red Hat because of their ability to manage infrastructure for various kinds of cloud platforms and containerization – a new way to build could applications, which involves the bundling of an application with all of its files and things needed for it to run efficiently. It’ll be determined in the future if containerization will become an important standard to develop cloud-native applications. But if it does, it highly supports IBM’s record-breaking deal.

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#2 | Connected TV – the new dream for advertisers

So back when we were all growing up, there was linear TV (well we just called it TV back then) where you watch the programs in a set order. However, with the advent of Connected TV (aka IPTV) where you can watch programs in any order, the world of TV is becoming increasingly complicated with options ranking from Apple TVs to Xbox to TV sticks like Chromecast. However, combining this viewing data with other data points from the smart home makes connected TV an increasingly attractive world for advertisers. We expect to see the smart home data soon start to be mined by advertisers and for an increasing amount of spend stay with TV. TV is not dead yet.

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#3 | Avis reinvents the car rental business

Avis knows it is important to stay competitive as the automobile sector is seeing dramatic changes. Therefore, they are dreaming big and about future. For example, they are partnering with ride sharing company Lyft to rent cars to Lyft drivers. What else is next? The goal to have the whole Avis fleet connected with the internet by 2020 — a way more aggressive target than their competitors have set! Car connectivity is crucial for providing smooth car renting experiences.

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#4 | Is Facebook growing

Facebook is still growing, but not as quickly as it once did. It added 24m Daily Active Users to increase the number of active users to 1.49bn, up 1.36%. However, the concern is that growth in developed markets (i.e. US/Canada was largely flat). This hits revenue as the average revenue per user is $6.09, with US and Canada sitting at $27.61. The way that people are using Facebook seems to be more private, with a greater number of users sending over 1bn messages per day on the platform, putting pressure on Facebook to drive greater add growth on direct messages and Facebook stories.

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#5 | Waymo is taking its hands off the wheel

Waymo has just been granted a permit by the DMV to test its vehicles without a human behind the wheel. It will initial start testing the vehicles in and around Mountain View and then expand the area of testing. The vehicles can be tested on roads with speed limits up to 65 mph and can also be tested in fog and light rain. Over in the UK, the first robot delivery service has launched where residents can receive parcels delivered to their door by a robot. Like the cars, thanks for a myriad of sensors, the robots are able to cross roads and work their way around people.

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