Understand the fast-emerging and already complex Edge landscape.

Identify the key trends driving the adoption of the Edge in order to contextualize it for your own markets and customers.

Gain insights into the technology and business strategy being adopted by different players and the key levers for tailoring it to your organization.

Discover key use-cases and domains along with business case mechanics.

The rise of the ‘Edge’ – Relevance and impact on the imminent next wave of applications

Off-device computing capacity today is predominantly placed in large, monolithic data centers spread out across remote locations. In the context of edge computing, some of this computing capacity needs to placed closer to the end-device, i.e. the edge. So, edge computing is basically a very de-centralized version of the cloud as we know it today. The more important area to zoom in on, is the sudden relevance and hype that edge computing has garnered. Our pioneering work and primary research/engagement within the industry, sets us in a position to answer this.

There are some factors which are fundamental to the birth of edge computing while other factors which are acting more as enablers for edge adoption. One of the fundamental drivers is the sheer volume of data that is going to be generated from devices and sensors, both of which are projected to grow exponentially. The second fundamental driver is as applications are becoming more complex and intelligent, they are putting a tremendous strain on device limitations. All devices are bound by aspects of computing power, battery life, form factor and price, which cannot all be solved simultaneously.

Focusing on the next wave of applications, we can see that these are not input-output based but are much more immersive. They take into account personalized information, contextual data, AI models, maybe even virtual objects/information and combine all of that in newer, more natural interfaces such as gesture, voice, glasses, etc. This is where the current model of the cloud is not sufficient to address some of these emerging use-cases. This is what highlights the need for edge computing.

Our Edge Framework

We have developed a multi-dimensional proprietary framework which covers all aspects of a holistic Edge transformation. Detecon is a pioneer in the Edge domain. Our existing insights and primary research ensure that you do hit the ground running with a clear focus on the right strategy, execution and partners.

Detecon will support your strategy by offring hands-on experience in identifying and sizing various business models, defining an ecosystem strategy, driving technology implementation, dealing with network and data center aspects and even developing fully-integrated proof of concepts.


Our DNA and expertise in Edge

Our expertise has played a key role in shaping the Edge strategy for Europe’s largest carrier, the parent company of T-Mobile US. This engagement also led to the eventual creation of MobiledgeX, a leading player in the Edge landscape which is combining Edge infrastructures across operators and providing services on a global scale.

Detecon has similarly engaged with other Tier 1 and Tier 2 operators as well. We are also actively plugged into all prominent Edge communities, both academic as well as industry-led which are driving the conversations around use-cases and standardization.
All of these together make us your best partner to explore and develop your own Edge strategy.

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