SAP Leonardo Center New York – Truly Global Innovation

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Just some weeks ago at the beginning of June, the Detecon Innovation Institute (DII) had the pleasure to visit the newly inaugurated SAP Leonardo Center in NYC. Located on the 48th floor at 10 Hudson Yards, the view from this location is truly stunning. It leaves visitors behind with the impression that literally only the sky is the limit. The scene is a diverse mix. A melting pot of start-ups, corporations, partners and universities. National and International.

DII visiting the SAP leonardo Center NYC

Also the methods deployed are of latest kind. For instance, SAP teamed up with the Hasso-Plattner Institute to ensure rolling at the leading edge of Design Thinking and other agile frameworks.

The hosted event was one of the regularly occurring STEP NYC Pitch Nights; organized by the German-American Chamber of Commerce. The idea behind this is to pick top-notch German start-ups from Germany, bring them to NYC, and have them pitch in front of US VC’s. The mission behind this is to gain experience on international territory. And to benefit from the feedback provided by VC’s which are acting & operating with a different cultural background and in different markets.

DII visiting the SAP leonardo Center NYC

And while one could argue that today’s innovation is industry-agnostic and can be easily deployed across the globe (a significant chunk of newly emerging start-ups are SaaS-driven), it is nevertheless essential to fully understand aforementioned factors, since the market entry strategy will strongly depend on it.

The SAP Leonardo Center are operating along the same lines as well. Rather than just having one innovation flagship store in the Bay Area, there is a SAP Next-Gen, An Innovation Community for SAP Leonardo across all continents. The code is simple: “Knowledge is good; sharing knowledge is better”.

DII visiting the SAP leonardo Center NYC

The event was packed with people. The DII grabbed one of the last seats, although having arrived way ahead of time. A good sign. And a perfect opportunity to do networking in a very open environment….

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