Fast Five from the Valley: Edition 47

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Eye in the Sky: Facebook’s secret space projects finally confirmed

What was already heard through the grapevine is now confirmed – Facebook is working on a new internet satellite. Many parts of the world are still not linked to a fast and reliable internet connection and this is where Facebook’s Athena comes in: The ambitious project aims to establish a network of lower orbit satellites in order to connect billions of people. Those have currently only access via massive geostationary satellites that are only providing a slow connection. After some similar projects failed in the past, e.g. the exploded SpaceX satellite, it is still a question of cost effectiveness in comparison to cable or other fiber distribution.

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Release the (data) kraken! Google, Facebook, Twitter & Microsoft team up to share data

Open source data portability via apps will be made easy in the future: Four big Tech-Giants: Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter unite to introduce a new industry standard, called “Data Transfer Project” that lets users exchange data such as content, statistics or health data etc. across different apps. This open source data platform is designed for any online service to join and makes switching platforms or services easy.

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They did it again… Technical University of Munich’s WARR team wins Hyperloop competition for third time in a row

Three times in a row WARR Hyperloop – a team of engineering students from the Technical University of Munich – has won the hyperloop pod competition of SpaceX. The team cracked their own record with a new top speed of more than 290 miles per hour. Even more impressive, this year for the very first time the pod had to be self-propelled without the option of accelerating the pod by a SpaceX vehicle, called the “Pusher”.

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Mind the hype: Blockchain enters big corporations – research suggests

Major enterprises like SAP, Microsoft or Amazon are on the hunt to find business opportunities to provide Blockchain services to their customers. Reported by Juniper Research, 6 out of 10 large companies were “either actively considering, or are in the process of, deploying Blockchain technology”. However, companies don’t yet understand the benefits of implementing Blockchain, like immutability, trust and tokenization, says Rob May – CEO at Talla, a company that introduced Botchain, a Blockchain for the authentication of bots. Only time will tell how fast the process of moving Blockchain towards adoption in large enterprises will take.

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The unconnected: up to 11% of Americans don’t use any internet services at all

Imagine you have to live one single day without using the internet – You probably can’t. Nevertheless, 35.8 million Americans refuse to use the internet. Most of them state that they’re simply not interested (21%) or there is a high level of frustration (10%) and 3% aren’t online because of privacy concerns (results of Pew survey). Meet some of people of the “offline population” and their private motives to refrain the usage of any internet services.

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