Fast Five from the Valley: Edition 45

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Under the sea, under the sea…

Microsoft is developing self-sufficient underwater data centers that can deliver speedy cloud services to coastal cities, by leveraging technology from submarines and collaborating with pioneers in marine energy. With more than 50% of the world’s population living within 120 miles off the coast, placing datacenters in bodies of water near coastal cities would lead to significant speed improvements to cloud-services, web surfing, video streaming, gaming, and AI-driven technologies.


AT&T and Magic Leap sign exclusive deal

Magic Leap, the startup that has long been developing an augmented reality platform, is scheduled to ship its first product, the Magic Leap One Creator Edition, later this year. Furthermore, AT&T will be the exclusive wireless distributor, stating that its network will be able to support Magic Leap’s forthcoming products, hinting at how the telecommunications giant will leverage its 5G network technology.


Drug Supply Chain takes a hit from Trump

Pfizer, the prominent pharmaceutical company, has stated it would defer planned price increases on about 10% of its prescription medicines after President Trump criticized the company on Twitter. Pfizer had planned to raise the list prices of some drugs by almost 10%, as part of the annual price increases it and other drug companies impose every year. Pausing planned price increases is rare in the pharmaceutical industry, for which raising prices is a major source of earnings growth, and this is likely to have a big impact on the prescription drug industry further down the supply chain, particularly for drug manufacturers.


Should data be paid for?

A new wave of thinking is hitting big tech companies and they’re not going to like it: that people should be paid for their data. The argument is that data is actually labor, that is, it’s the result of things that everyone does in their daily lives. Subsequently, if a company uses this data for commercial purposes, they “should” pay the source of the data, including regular people like you or me. If this is adopted, this could erode billions of dollars of profit from tech giants such as Facebook and Google. Do you think a price tag should be added to data?


Flight bookings with virtual tours

Emirates has recently introduced an immersive 360-degree view of the interiors of its Airbus A380s on its website, allowing customers to virtually navigate through the economy, business and first-class cabins. This experience allows customers to assess views from each section of the plane and convey a more accurate experience of flying on the jetliner, boosting the likelihood that they will be more satisfied with their seat choice, and less prone to surprises.


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