Fast Five from the Valley: Edition 44

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Tesla reaches critical milestone

The electric automaker has delivered on a long-sought production target with the Model 3, building more than 5,000 of the sedans in the last week of the second quarter. This is a major achievement for Musk as well as a relief for customers who have waited for their cars for more than two years. In the past, Tesla has stated that it’s been able to boost production by idling its factories for short periods of time to address bottlenecks and upgrade equipment. But ultimately, the question on everyone’s mind is: Has Tesla achieved a steady rate of production and can Musk ensure this level of production is maintained?

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Rise of the dumbphones

For the first time in a decade, fewer people are buying smartphones, meaning that the market for cheaper feature phones is growing yet again. Google has made a $22 million investment in KaiOS, a company that makes the Android operating system for feature-phone manufacturers such as Nokia. As part of the deal, the stripped-down feature phones will offer Google apps including Assistant, Maps, YouTube, and Google Search.
Android is a critical aspect of Google’s business: it guarantees users of its other software products including Gmail, search, and Google Drive, which subsequently feeds the tech giant’s advertising and cloud businesses.

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Dead tokens everywhere

The definition of a “dead” cryptocurrency has to exhibit at least one of the following: “abandoned, scammed, website dead, no nodes, wallet issues, no social updates, low volume or developers have walked away from the project.”
As of June 30, 2018, there are reportedly more than a thousand “Dead” crypto projects, sourced from numerous websites, including Coinopsy and DeadCoins. Whilst everyone is aware of ICOs as an extremely risky type of investment, TechCrunch has reported that scam and dead ICOs raised $1 billion in 2017.

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Home security startup locks down $1 billion investment

SimpliSafe, the manufacturers of a popular install-it yourself home security system, have secured a deal with private equity firm, Hellman & Friedman, for a reported $1 billion. This monster investment will help accelerate a planned international expansion to regions including Canada and the UK.
So what makes SimpliSafe’s product so special in the faces of competition such as Alphabet-owned Nest, ad Amazon’s acquisition of Ring?
Relatively low-cost professional monitoring, a strong presence on radio and TV, positive reviews for the no contract, DIY approach, as well as integrations with Amazon’s Alexa and the August Smart Lock.
With coverage to over 2 million Americans, SimpliSafe could be a name to keep in mind for future Home Security.

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The Overheard Uber Instagram Account

Overheard Uber, a new Instagram account, posts exactly what the name suggests: comical, brief tales from conversations that were actually overheard in an Uber or an Uber Pool. If you have ever used the popular ride-sharing service, then you have probably come across a number of funny or “what the hell is going on” instances involving the driver or other riders. Well now, you can read about all these strange, odd posts on one account on Instagram.

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