Detecon Trend Radar Report – Data Analytics

 In Detecon Trend Report

Data Analytics is rapidly transforming the way organizations operate, driven by the recent, aggressive growth of data produced by billions of connected devices, now forming the Internet of Things (IoT).

Impelled by the need to collect, store, process and analyze huge amounts of data quickly and efficiently, businesses are turning to Data Analytic solutions such as prescriptive and predictive analytics. These solutions are used to pinpoint weaknesses in organizations to enhance productivity across the organization through better informed decision making.

Data driven insights derived by data analytics possesses immense potential to disrupt and streamline business operations through enhanced decision making. However, data privacy concerns (e.g. the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal) demonstrate that there are still many hurdles to overcome regarding the proper creation, use, and distribution of data in this increasingly information-driven world.

This report includes a snapshot of some of the most relevant Data Analytics trends and startups from our Detecon Radar, your “single source of truth” for all current and future threats and opportunities.


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